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What do you feel when you are visiting some historical places? Some places, where lived famous people long-long time ago? As for me, I always imagine a lot of different things, I imagine how it was to be there when this places were full of life, I even imagine myself part of this secret life. 
Holy Transfiguration Church in Natalievka estat
This post is about beautiful places of Ukraine.  We visited Sharovka and Natalievka many times and impressions from those visits not became pale.  Our trip to these places in autumn 2015 wasn’t exception. I really like the photos we’ve got – it’s a color of autumn memories. PET lamp made us a great company and perfectly posed for these photos. 
Sharovka castle
I want to give you a bit of history, and will try not to be very dull :)
Sharovka and Natalievka  - both of these places are related to a sugar manufacturing. Producing of sugar was very profit occupation in Ukraine of XIX century and many palaces, estates and manors of that time were built by or for sugar manufacturers. Natalievka was made for sugar manufacturer Kharitonenko and named after his wife and granddaughter (both had name Natalia).
gardener's house 
Sharovka, after several previous owners, was bought by the German baron Leopold Kenning which had sugar, brick and horses factories. With his help and money Sharovka got it’s famous architecture. Rumor has it, that he was so rich, that made a sugar hill for his beloved wife to let her sled in summer. He made many other crazy things for her, but it didn’t made her love him. And one day she cheated on him. But he didn’t said even word about it, just made the servants to cut a part of the rock where it happened and put it into her favorite alley of exotic lindens to make her remember about her crime. 
alley of lindens with vertical branches
Who knows, what she felt about it, but the magnificent manor in Ukraine called by people “white swan” will remember their story for many future centuries. 
Modernity in Sharovka estate :)

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