20 projects in 15 days and Valsfer's fraud :)


If you follow Macosh Design for a long time, you know that we were never hating on anyone. But now we just need and must to spread some important information about Valsfer.com. What to do with this information is everyone’s personal choice. We just want to tell about the situation happened to us and warn another designers.

When Valsfer invited us to their site we were really glad and excited about the main idea. We invited many people to join this project. Now we are terribly sorry about it. 

We were also glad to take part when they announced a design contest. According to the terms of the contest selected 5 design profiles are doing 20 concept idea sketches (each team). 3 teams of those are enrolled into second round and are making 3d models or detailed sketches of chosen ideas. 

one (#16) from 20 concepts
• Designers that been selected (*) will receive $ 5,000 cash reward per selected design work
• Designers that been eliminated (*) will receive $ 200 cash reward
• * eliminated designers will not be enrolled into ROUND 2
• * selected designers will be enrolled into ROUND 2 and the FINAL ROUND and proceed with the design process

sketch #9

We were chosen for the second round and were asked to go on with 5 ideas. When we did all the work they accepted it. But on the day that was supposed to get the answer, we didn’t received any letter. Valsfer constantly offered us to wait longer and to be patient. Month passed after the official deadline – no answer. Then we wrote a stern letter and they replied us that we deserve only $ 200. And the work we done just don’t counts. They of course will say - that we are not properly understood the terms of the contract, etc. However, you know that it's a simple trick.

final view of #9

Proof of this fact is in that competition process isn’t clear at all. No ads, information about designers that achieved prize and are paid $ 5,000 / unknown total number of teams worked on project. Perhaps it was more than 5.
About promised 6 months of premium account they prefer to forget too.

So they just got minimum 15 developed projects and 100 ideas for less than $ 1000 ($ 200 * 5teams) Less - because personally us they have not paid a cent. They did not even asked how and where to transfer the money :)  In fact, nobody planned to pay anyone a $ 5,000 for the project. Otherwise everything would be much clearer.

This is what we think.

page of presentation idea #17

Similar, situation is with their second contest based on voting for projects.
Once a week, they are randomly charging multiple projects 50-100 votes in one second. Probably, not to have one leader on the top. They replied us about it that it is because they place ads. Ads? In one second the same number of votes to several projects? Are you kidding me?! Once they charged such votes to our project - one second more than 50 votes and our competitors didn’t got anything. Then it happened, again and again with our and not our projects. Thus there is no reason to think that the votes are real and honest. In addition, they stretched the deadline up to 5t months. This is Valsfer’s trick, to make people register and fill their website with content. But to give real prizes to real people isn’t in Valsfer’s plans.
We changed our works on images with words “Valsfer is scam”.

sketch #20

Everyone should alone decide what to do. But if you have an idea to participate in their competition - think million times and make sure that their contract is written in such a way that you will do a huge amount of work (under the inspiration of the fact that you are the best and have raised to the next stage), and will not be payed at all. We are ready to apologize if Valsfer soon will publish the at least 3 winners and wined projects that got 5 000$. 

project #20

This text is in any case should not be considered as slander. This is our review about the company. Everyone can leave a comment and opinion about this incident under the article. Thank you.

With great love to everyone (except Valsfer), 
Macosh Design team

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