We want to tell amazing story, but we really don’t know where to start.  It may be like this: “We took that two guys and started our adventure… ” No, we need to start earlier. 

For example: “Do you know something about the day we were met? It was the 2010 year and now we’ll tell you the full story, because from that moment each day has a great value. Therefore, we need to describe every moment with all the tiniest details. ” And on this phrase all the readers become scared and don’t want to continue reading :)

That’s why we need to be short, and start not from the same beginning. Let us try once more:
“One sunny autumn day we were married. It was the happiest day and we saved it forever in our memories, like a magic elixir, to open it each time we will be sad.” Appropriate beginning, isn’t it?

From that moment, we started amazing adventure.
One of our most powerful wishes was to travel. It came true very fast. Next day after our marriage, we just sat in our car and started our full-life-happy trip. Because of we are crazy industrial designers and really don’t like to be photographed, we took our PET lamp and BOW chair with us and photographed it everywhere. 

It was a nice idea and after all, we got an amazing photo album. 
We want to show you the most powerful, beautiful and unbelievable places we visited. So wait for a huge stream of photos!

Sincerely, yours Suricoma&Istry

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