The most unassuming pet.


Nice cats from cat’s island. Photo from north Italy trip.

We treated seriously and responsibly question of a pet choice. As it really should be. We travel a lot and move frequently, also often change not only a house/apartment/city, but also a climate. Therefore, the animal should be very unpretentious and resistant to those changes and have a stable psyche. Moreover, of course, we wanted longevity. Desirable, it would outlive us, not we it. Agree – no one wants to live through the death of dear friend...

The choice fallen on large parrots - luxurious, baroque Cockatoo or severe African Grey parrot. You even can talk with them :) However, after visit to a pet store, we realized that it's not exactly what we want. Firstly, most of birds were grown enough, and their character was already formed.

My relatives cutie in thicket from flower pots TriPot I – my first project for Chinese manufacturing.
And we, of course, liked them very much, but the small size of the cells looked too sad. Dream about parrot wasn't gone, but to buy an animal that possibly could live free, or that can’t live such way, because was specially grown in cage and no more able to live in wildlife… is not for us. We’ll take such animal, but only with dramatic story. For example, something happened to chick parents, and no one can take care of it, but only a human. However, in such cases work professionals from zoos, and generally - in our climate do not live any parrots.

We came home and suddenly realized... here it is! Our dear PET. This is our perfect pet! It's no wonder we named it such way! We created it, and without our care, it won’t survive in the modern world of goods. Eventually, is it worse than Buratino or Pinocchio? Others make wooden kids, so why we can’t have at least a wooden pet! Therefore, it became a real member of our family. Now we often take it for a walk, also travel with it. And make a photos for family album :)


Our wedding, 2015

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