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Our new hobby - Cubeecraft. This is very interesting - paper figures of different well-known characters. All of them are built on the same, very simple pattern, which has a very kawai proportions. Sometimes they differ a bit, or have additional elements that only increases interest. The main thing is that the assembly of a figure is very simple - you need to download the e-file, print on A4, cut and assemble. Quite simple, you do not even need a glue. Everything is holding on paper locks. 

Pattern is made by Chris Beaumont. More about author, you can read on his website Everyone can take a template and draw his own hero on it (only for non-commercial usage). 

Personally, I liked not only to assemble Cubeecraft, but also to take pictures of it. Meet the most popular superheroes of Marvel Comics and DC Comics publishers - Spider-Man and Batman in the kitchen!

Spider-Man  in the kitchen!
Artist of a Spider-man - Chris Beaumont. 

 Batman in the kitchen
Artist of a Batman - CyberDrone  ( Download pattern here

Beauty and the Beast
Love - Disney characters from the amazing animation film - Beauty and the Beast.
Artist of Beauty and the Beast – SKGaleana. Download pattern here: BeautyBeast

BBP crew (Baka, Bonehead,  Pinhead)/Dandy, QT, Meow

We decided to contribute into Cubeecraft project and create our own heroes.

Here are our works – charming BBP crew (Baka, Bonehead, Pinhead) from the one of our favorite cartoons - Space Dandy. Read about the authors of these unusual characters and about the whole anime, (if you still don’t know anything about it) you can on the official web site of the anime

Load free pattern from our web-site (PDF)
or official blog Cubeecraft (Jpeg)

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