MEMORY Print&Play board game by Macosh Design


World famous board game in Print&Play design! Sounds like a good idea, right?

We love to play Memory a lot! So we decided to improve its design – adapt it for Print&Play format with no more need of thick paper, glue or lamination. Visit our official Memory Print&Play page:

Cards and box design, illustrations for cards&cards backs: Alexander Suricoma Babich, Anastasiya Alforova
Vedeo&Presentation, WEB-site: Anastasiya Alforova

No thick paper, glue, or lamination needed! Our unique design allows you to print the cards on a simple office paper and they will last. Just save the files on your computer, print, assemble and play!

Spilled coffee? Lost some cards? Not a big deal anymore! You can always print lost or wasted cards again.

Memory Print&Play box is a little origami rebus. Even if someone is new in origami art, he probably will assemble this box easily, using our numbering system.

New cards each season! The only problem with Memory game is that it trains brain so good, that soon you will remember the cards look and game will become easier for you. That’s why we decided to make the Memory Print&Play updates on a regular basis.



We had a different card models, but stopped on the most durable and easiest to fold form. Folded triangle allows to take the cards from the table easily and this helps the edges ang corners not to become wrinkled fast.
Cards backs are covered with pattern, that don't allows the card's picture to reveal through.


We worked a lot with the box design. We wanted to skip the glue as much as possible. Finally, we got the decision.
Origami seemed to be a good idea, but we decided to make it even better. This is how our origami-numeric rebus was born. Interesting, convenient, easy to make, durable box with no single drop of glue to assemble it.

You can purchase Memory Print&Play on our official site:
Enjoy the game!

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